Kentucky’s ‘Best’ Restaurants, Parking Problems and Serious Sandwiches

By TIM PRESTON The Independent


Honestly, I could have simply cut and pasted the insights and observations of a few friends together and possibly beat the daylights out of my deadline this week (John McGlone’s photo could easily go on top of the column anyway), but I decided to do at least a little of the work myself. It was a tough job with some assembly required after gathering comments and observations spurred by a list of Kentucky’s Top 10 Outside-of-Louisville restaurants.

If you want to read the article that started it all, type into your computer or phone and then come back, but I think you can follow this just fine without it. Among the most interesting aspects of this were the comments about places not on the Top 10 list, as well as local restaurants that may even outperform those establishments.

I was ready to drive straight to Shelbyville after reading what McGlone had to say about Claudia Sanders Dinner House. “Founded by Harlan and Claudia Sanders, this is real Southern comfort food, in a beautifully furnished southern plantation style ‘home’ with white table covers, linen napkins and exceptional service,” he said.

“While everything on the menu is easily described as incredible Southern comfort food, my pick is usually the family style all-you-can-eat chicken livers, with the optional salad bar. The livers are huge and fried perfectly in an enhanced KFC chicken batter. The beauty of the dinner is that all of the sides are served family style to the table. Generally I hate spinach, actually I HATE SPINACH, but no meal there for me is complete without multiple servings of their creamed spinach, which is made with liquid smoke and bacon. There is only one reason that I get the salad bar — it includes all you care to eat bourbon-infused bread pudding.

“If you go to Louisville on a Sunday or holiday, their buffet is AMAZING. If you go any other time, the AYCE with the salad bar is the next best thing. All this for about $15 per person, which I think is great value, considering the quality and quantity of food and upscale Southern decor,” McGlone concluded, adding that you can check out the entire menu at


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